Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Crosbie's Camp experience

Lakewood lodge

As we got on the bus to depart for Lake wood lodge you could feel the excitement looming around us.
We then got ready to leave we put our bags into a line and handed in all medication.
After a bus ride to Glenn murray we got out of the bus ride and ran to the lodge got unpacked and chose our beds and ran down to the briefing in the lounge . We then met all the staff and got ready for our first activity.
Groups 1 to 4 then got ready to go on the survival adventure out in the woods. We had to get ready for all of the challenges and activities like the mud run, lake swims, sos training and cooking our dinner  over a fire It took a long time and our eyes were always sore from the smoke. We then went back to camp for evening activities our groups did the burma trail and night activities we then had to make our way back to survival camp and go to sleep. The sleep was terrible we were sleeping on the ground and rocks and twigs were everywhere.
When we woke up we had to back to camp and get ready for the morning run after a run around the camp twice we had breakfast and got ready for our second activity of camp.
Horse games and trekking was the Dynamite tigers first group activity. We were split into two groups into team Joe and team Maz the horses. We groomed them and then took them to the arena to have a go. Joe would not move and just stood there when you would pull his leading reigns.
Wall climbing was our third activity  and I made to the top of the wall on the left hand side.
Our last activity of the day was Archery I did well getting nines and eights. In the individual competition I came third out of my group Hayley brown was the best Archers she came first. Our group then had a boys versus girls competition and the boys won.  
Then we all waited for the second survival group to come back so we could get ready for the talent quest it was so nerve wracking and scary in the end all of the group performances were cool.
When the teachers said that it bed time it was the best thing they could say everybody was so tired.
The third day approached and so did  Mr. Munro and Mr. Fourie with water guns. All of us girls got squirted and some of us tried to hide but that didn’t work. Also there was a lot of talk of Coco the clown the clown that haunted Lake wood lodge.
We then got ready for the last activity day the Dynamite tigers (My group)  first activity was low ropes were we were problem solving  and trying to work as a group collaborating and cooperating as a group trying to get through an array of challenges and tasks. Our group did horrible  and did not complete some of the tasks.
After morning tea  we headed off to the flying fox were we all got 4 turns of going down the cable it was fun and we had to grab a rope at the end and run back up to hand on our gear to the next pair.
Then it was time for our last activity of camp kayaking this was my favourite activity we did not get to do all of the games because some of our group members were scared and not very confident in the water. I thought that it was fun when we got to race and play splash a game where you chose a person and then you splash them until they're totally wet.
Camp was a very fun experience and I learnt a lot and have made a lot more friends and have learnt a lot about  my other group  members.  Thanks lakewood lodge for the experience I enjoyed it very much.

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