Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Screenshot 2016-10-26 at 09.30.02.png“ quick Johanri I want to get of the bus “ we all couldn’t wait to get of the bus that we had been on for 40 long minutes. When we first arrived at lakewood lodge we all had to have a short meeting just to know what everything was and how it worked.

Day 1 -
The first activity that our group did was Survival camp which took us about 20 minutes to get there because we had to walk there first. When we finally did arrive we had to set up the tent that we had to sleep in for the night. There were five people in each tent, in my tent there was Leche, Hannah, Leah, Grace and I. When everyone had set up their tents we all went to go to the mud run. We all did it as a group challenge and luckily our group won.

When all the groups had finished we went to the river to go wash all of the mud of ourselves. When we go back to main area of survival camp we all had our lunch together. After lunch we all did some group activities such as making a human help sign and capture the flag which our group also won. That night we all had the Burma trail I was walking with Sam and we kept walking into tree's.  

Day 2 -
On the morning of day two we all had to stand up really early to take all of our tents down and get back in time for the morning run. When everyone finished the morning run we all had breakfast than an hour of free time. When that finished we all had a meeting before we went to all of the activities our first activity was Archery we all had an amazing time there we also had horse games and Kayaking. That night we all had the talent show. We were all in a group that did a line dance and a group with all your friends. The winners of the line dance were Fire and ice and the winners of the talent show was Black and White.

Day 3 -
On day 3 we all got woken up then quickly went down for the morning run. Than again after we all had breakfast then another hour of free time. On that day our group's first activity was Rock Climbing Than we had low ropes and then we all had to go on the waterside.
That night we all had the Y-games. Overall our team came first. We got asked lots of questions and had to eat and drink some things and do lots of challenges.

Day 4 -
On the morning we all woke up and did the morning run then quickly packed all of our bags in time for the class challenges.
O had to do the run at the start and the Iron man challenges. The class of the year ended up being Room 7, Our class came second. Just before we left we had a prize giving our group won the awards for Rock Climbing and Survival camp. But overall we all had an amazing week of camp.


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  1. Johanri, just remember one thing for me. ALWAYS START WITH A CAPITAL LETTER AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR STORY OR SENTENCE. Apart from that, pretty good, buuuuuuut, not that good enough.