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Work hard

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Camp writing

Lakewood Lodge 2016

On the 18th of October the year 7 & 8's all got on a bus ready for their 4 days of "mud-packed" adventure.

Day 1

After loading the bus we all got on and began our trip to Lakewood lodge. When we arrived there we unpacked the bus and got our cabins ready then went to our first rotation. I was in the Cookie Monsters and our first rotation was Kayaking.  After kayaking we came back to the kitchen for morning tea then got ready for our second rotation which was low ropes.

Day 2

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At 6:30 the next morning we all got woken up with water guns, Then we had to get ready for our morning run. After this we had breakfast then got ready for our first rotation for the day. Groups 5-7 had survival camp so we began our 6k walk up to survival camp. When we arrived there we set up our tents then got organised for our first rotation which was the mud run!  After this we all got cleaned up in the river and then got our fire for ready for dinner.
After all the teams managed to start the fires and had dinner we walked back to Lakewood Lodge because we had the talent show that night.

Day 3

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On day 3 we woke up at 5:30am because we had to pack up our tents and walk all the way back for our morning run. After this we had breakfast and got ready for our first rotation. Which was rock climbing, after this we went to horse riding which personally was my favourite event at camp. After horse riding we went to flying fox.  After our rotation on day two we had the water slide,  and the y-games. The Y-games was lots of fun and you needed team-work for it to work.

Day 4

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On day 4 we woke up once again at 6:30 for our morning run then went to have break-fast. We then started our preparation for the Class challenge. In the class challenge each class chooses a specific amount of students for each event and each class competes to win the top class, Room 7 came 1st, room 8 came second, and room 6 came 3rd. After the top class event we packed up our things and then got on the bus to go back to school.

Overall I found camp really fun and it was a great experience!


  1. I do like your writing Sky. I do, however, find this 10 year old writing disappointing. First of all, you need to describe on how you felt on those courses and how you did. Second of all, the most important thing, DETAIL. That word is the word you have to look out for in my opinion and next time, try doing year 8 writing.

  2. One more thing, describe the talent show a lot more and what you guys did.