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Work hard

Monday, 24 October 2016

Camp recount

On the 18th of October, we went to Lakewood Lodge for our 2016 year 7&8 camp.

Before camp, we only had one week to organise everything. Such as camp groups, talent quest dance and our group line dance. We started off with getting organised with our camp groups. I was the leader of group 6 with Daniel. We were called the Cookie Monsters! We got given the song for our line dance- That’s how we do. All the group got cracking with their line dance very soon. While we worked on our line dance, we also had to work on our team banner. Our one was very cool with a big blue cookie monster head in the middle and Cookie Monster on the top. It was very disappointing, because the paint for our cookie turn out to be a concrete colour instead of a brown chocolate colour.  

On the day we all met in the school hall in our teams and with all our banners, suitcases and bags at 7:45. We started to load the bus at around 9:00. Everyone did lots of fun thing on the bus, t
hey talked, laughed and we had a drawing competition as well!  Time went fast, we soon arrived at Lakewood Lodge in Huntly. We got all of our suit cases out and started moving into our cabins. For the girls, we had two different cabins with bunk beds.

Before we started with our activity rotation, we had morning tea. For my group we started off with an water event: Kayaking. It was hard for us to go upwards in the lake, because the flow was coming down right at us. It was funny how to keep on floating away and past te boundary line.

My favourite events were the climbing wall and the flying fox. For the climbing wall there were two different walls. We started off with the side wall. It was a climbing wall close to the ground, so we used it as a practise wall. Not many from our group went all the way across. After that, we all got our harnesses on for the tall wall. I went on the easy side for a start, then tried the medium wall. I got up to half way, but it’s okay at least I gave it a go!
Before I went I the flying fox, I was a little bit scared. But after hearing from my teammates that has done it , I thought I’d give it a go. After I went down the first time, I tried to let my hands go but I was too scared. So I decided to try again the next time. And I just kept trying and got better every time!

At camp I found that Low ropes was pretty hard for me, because members of the group would argue with one another and shouting over others. But I gathered up Daniel, other leader of the group, to help me to get our team back together. I also found kayaking a bit hard, Because the lake was flowing downwards and we had to paddle upwards. It was very tiring and challenging. We encouraged each other to finish this.

One last thing, I had overcome my fears at survival camp with the help of my friends. At night, I normally have to leave the light on. But that day at survival camp, I was sleeping in between Brooke and Hayley C.. I was very happy about that. :)

On the last day, we were about to leave. Everyone didn't want to leave Lakewood Lodge. It was so much fun there. I am excited to be back again!

Group photo! :) :)

    Me and Hayley C. cooking at survival camp! :)
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All photos from Reremoana school Facebook!

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