Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Camp- Lelani

Day One: We arrived at Lakewood Lodge on Tuesday 18th at roundabout 10:00, we went up to our cabins and chose our beds, and when everyone finally did, we went down to the lounge and had a long talk about camp rules and how things will be done at Lakewood Lodge. We also had some morning tea to eat before we went into our first rotation. Groups 1-4 went to Survival Camp, and groups 5-7 did activities. I’m in group ‘5’ which was the ‘Chicken Nuggets.’ Our first activity was horse games, and that was very fun, although I was afraid at the start of climbing on, but after I was on, I didn’t want to get off. I was riding ‘Maz,’ the oldest horse there, as well as Shriya, Ella and Brayden. Near the end, it was scary because out of nowhere, Maz started running while I was on him, and it gave me a shock.

After that we all had our Lunch, and straight after we moved into our second rotation. For the Chicken Nuggets it was Kayaking, and just like Horse Games, it was very fun. We played a few games as well as a relay, which my team won! (YESS!!) My arms were aching after all the rowing, and the thing is, straight after Kayaking we had Archery! I’m not very good at Archery, and that sucks because I really like Archery. Those were day one’s activities.

That night, groups 1-4 came back to camp, so we could do the Burma Trail and Spotlight. Groups 5,6 and 7 did Spotlight first while the rest did the Burma trail. Spotlight was boring at first, because it wasn’t very dark, but as soon as it turned dark, it turned out to be waaaaay more fun, and the upside was that I was wearing black, meaning I could blend in more, I managed to win some rounds. After that, it was pitch black and we had to do the Burma Trail blindfolded! I was behind Daniel and in front of Logan, I was also the first girl to finish and like the 5th person to finish, meaning I was at the start. Mr Fourie had told us not to make any noise or the ‘possums’ will pee on us, but it was obvious that it wasn’t possums. When we got to the end it was funny because you got lead to a tent with a dead end, and Avansh was like ‘I don’t know where to go!’ and the tent started to shake and we were all freaking out, but then Abby came out told us to wait quietly for the others, and so we did whilst trying to scare them.

After that everyone went to bed. Before camp started Mr Fourie told us about a clown called Coco and apparently he went up to the girls bunks and when he went down, he got pushed down the stairs, breaking his neck and dying. Now he haunts the girls dorms. SO... Whilst the girls were trying to sleep, Mr Fourie and Mr Munro came into our rooms and started scaring us all, but I was asleep for half the process, until the other girls started scaring. A while after they left, either Mr Fourie or Mr Munro started chanting in a deep voice: ‘Don’t push me, don’t push me.’

Day two: I woke up waay before anyone else did, and that was good because everyone else woke up before Mr Fourie and Mr Munro came back. Steph was outside when they attacked us with water guns. This was very fun, especially when Mr Fourie found out that there were two people in the bathroom, hiding. So I went and knocked on the door saying they were gone, and they came out and Mr Fourie surprise attacked them.   

Afterwards, we had to do the morning run, which was okay, sort of. My least favourite of running was going up the hill, but running down it was my favourite. We did the morning run every morning then had breakfast. This day groups 5-7 went to Survival Camp, which made me nervous because we had to do the ‘Mud Run’ and the previous groups had said that the mud goes up to there necks.

The mud run was fun, and everyone was so muddy, and afterwards we had to go back into the mud because we didn’t get ready in time, and we had to roll in it and rub mud on our faces, and did I mention that that day it was my 12th birthday? Best birthday ever! I really enjoyed Survival Camp, except for the sleeping part. Before we went to sleep we went back to camp to do the talent show and do the line dance for the camp groups. I don’t like going in front of people to perform, so I absolutely hated this.

Day three: We did the usual thing, woke up really early, but instead of just walking back to camp, we set down the tents, and then left. When we got there we did the morning run, and afterwards had breakfast, the same as usual. The Chicken Nuggets first activity of the day was the Flying Fox, then Wall Climbing, which I couldn’t finish because of my fear of heights, I know wish that I had finished it. Our last activity for camp was Low Ropes, and I think our team did great even though we did shout at each other half the time... But we did good.

We had free time and we ate some food, then at night we had Y Games, and our team did ‘okay’ I guess.... And I really did enjoy that because we laughed a lot and had a great time even though we didn’t win. Afterwards we all went to bed at like 10:30.

Day Four, Our Last Day: We did the morning run, as usual but that day we only did one lap, and everyone was happy about that, we had breakfast and packed up. After everything was packed we went and did the Top Class Event, in which I did the Flying Fox, our class came second in this, which I guess is OK.

I was so excited to go home and see my family, but also really sad to leave Lakewood  Lodge because it was really nice there, with nice people and a very nice view!

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