Work hard

Work hard

Monday, 29 August 2016

The night at School

Image result for 6:30After a long day at Totara Park cross country kids started to go home with their parents. But 4 kids lived close to school so they caught the bus home. When they arrived at school it was about 6:30pm and they still needed their bags from class so they walked towards class. As they approached the class the doors were unlocked so they walked into the class not knowing it was 6:30pm. They were in there for about half an hour and the doors had been shut but they did not know. When the time came to leave they found out the doors were locked !

Image result for kicking a doorWhen Owen, Regan, Luke and Jacob found out the doors were locked they went exploring to see if any teachers were in classes, but they had no luck. They tried kicking the door’s down... Owen was the first one, he ran and kicked the door with two feet.  He landed flat on his back bam! Owen started crying. We picked him up and put him on a table. When we looked at his back, it was bad! It was broken.Image result for broken back

After Owen broke and we put him on a table and put our jumper’s on him and abandoned him we did say we will get doctor when we get out. We looked around to see if we could find a place that we could sleep in we found a place it was in the middle of the two class rooms in a air vent it it had carpet. We thought it would be a good idea if we could sleep on it because it will be warm. We ended up going to stay with Owen but when we got there he was gone and his bag was gone we looked everywhere and we could not find him. We started to get hungry so they looked for food so they would not starve but no luck they had no food to eatImage result for garage with carpet with no carsImage result for big air vent

Luke Regan and Jacob ended up staying and having to camp in the class overnight but the good thing was that they had tv and water. Then Reagan had a good idea the idea was to unlock the chromebook locker and get a macbook watch youtube and use apple airplay. In the middle of watch Deadpool they all slept, in the morning there pernt looked through the security footage and saw them sleeping. The next day Luke Owen Regan and Jacob all talked about it and Owen said my mom found me and took me to the hostbill.    

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