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Work hard

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The lock Down

The lock down.
It was a Tuesday at Reremoana School and all of the children had been let out to go for lunch and have fun. Owen, Daniel and Regan were playing at the court. Then out of now were we heard a person scream from the other side of the school then out of now were the lock down sound went and we all rushed into our classrooms.

It had been 4 hours since we had seen our friends and teacher. The people in the room I was staying in to kept safe was Daniel, Regan and me, we were all extremely scared and with didn’t know what do because we had never experienced a lock down before. It was 6.30pm and the doors to the classroom were still lock from the inside and the outside. Regan, Daniel and I were think why the school had gone into lock down and the doors had been shut for another 5 and half hours.  

I was starting to really really dark and we hadn’t had anything to eat or drink and we had to go toilet in a little bucket. We tried to look around the classroom to see if there was a key to try and get out but there we couldn’t find anything. We couldn’t any key to try and get out so with tried to look out window to see what caused the lock down, we look out of the window and the edge of the fence we saw a man walking really slow and it looked like he was holding a sharp object. Regan, Daniel and I were shock we thought we have to try and get out of here so we started looking for any object to try and get out of here. It had been 20 minutes and we hadn’t found anything then Daniel found a pieces wire

Regan, Daniel and I tried to pick the lock but we thought it would never work but after a couple tries it worked and the door came unlocked. We started to walk out but it was still really really dark and we didn’t know where the scary man was, the man also could come and hurt use or even worse come and kill us, so we decided to wait until the sun came back up and we would get out because if we saw the man we could see him and run away.  

After the long night daylight came and Regan, Daniel and I was so relieved for the lock down to be done and go home and he my mum and dad. We unlocked the door and walked out and started to walk home but when we got home there was lot’s of new reporters waiting asking how was the night.

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