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Work hard

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The dark stormy night!

Image result for stormyIt was a perfect Friday afternoon at 5:00 o’clock pm when school was out, Lucy run home and turned on her favorite TV show (the news). She was getting some afternoon tea and all of a sudden she heard her school name come up on the news. Lucy sprints to the TV and turns it up. The TV is saying some people are robbing their school every night and the robber has to be caught before anything else gets broken or stolen.   
So Lucy rings up her friends Poppy, Ava and Harper, “COME TO THE SCHOOL NOW” so they did. When they all got there Lucy and Ava heard a big BANG coming from the classes! “That might be the robber” Lucy says with excitement. And all of the others say “WHAT?”.

Image result for robberLucy and her group of friends are walking over to the classroom where they heard the big bang come from. As soon as they got there, Harper takes a sneak peak through the window and sees someone wearing black clothes and a black mask on. They have a look around and they see that it’s their classroom. Harper looks through the window again and no one is there so they walk into their classroom. They look inside the cupboards and everything has gone, including Poppy’s Chromebook she left there overnight. While Poppy is crying the rest of the group searches the room for any clues to catch the robber. All of a sudden click click the doors lock. Ava rushes to the door and tries opening it but the lock inside of the room is broken so the robber must have broken it before they got into the classroom. As Lucy and Ava tries opening the doors they realized that it’s getting dark and late and they're stuck in a cold classroom with no electricity on really windy night. Harper starts hearing police sirens from not that far away from the school.
“They must be coming to save us” Poppy said with tears dripping down her face. Lucy starts hearing her mum shouting her name from the front of the school, Lucy looks and sees that the police is there to.

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As the police look for Poppy, Lucy, Harper and Ava they all see the robber trying to get away from the police. The police go after him or her. The police was surprised because the robber was really slow and not fast so they caught the robber and it was a middle aged girl and it was someone from their school named Abbey who basically was
all the groups best friend. As soon as the police found the group of girls all of their parents were there waiting for them at the front gate. The girls walk over to the police and say thank you and the policeman says to the girls

“ You are actually the heroes because we wouldn’t of found the robber if it wasn’t for you”!
Ava realizes that there were two clicks at once when the doors locked and they only found one robber.

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