Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood.
It was 7.00 in the morning and little red riding hood was just waking up and then heard a sound from her phone, she pick it up and say that he was mum asking if she could go and grab something from countdown and drop it off at nanna's house for breakfast.

Little red riding hood went out on a walk to go and grab the food from countdown and when she got to countdown she ask to the lady who work there was the bakery. The lady replied ‘it’s at the left corner of the story’. Little red riding hood finally made it to the bakery and bought a nice bagel bun and a nice hot cross bun for Nanna. So she went to the counter and bought the buns and started to walk to Nana's house to drop the buns off.

On the y home from countdown Little red riding hood meet a homeless man and was asking for money or food but little red riding hood was not going to give any to him because all of the food to her Nanna. So she picked a nice bright red rose for him and said i'm sorry I hope you have a nice life. Little red riding hood finally made it to Nana's house and let her eat the food. But then Nanna started to looked really bad so he went into the cupboard to see if there was any medicine.  
Little red riding hood quickly grab a bottle of medicine to see if it would help Nanna but it was a guess but she had to do something otherwise Nanna will get sick. She gave the medicine to Nanna and she was alright. So after all of that they sat down and had a nice hot cross bun.

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