Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My little red riding hood story.

On a very sunny day in the afternoon at 4:00 pm there was a little girl named little red riding hood, she is doing her homework and all of a sudden “bing” an email came through on her Chromebook, she looks at it, it’s her mum saying she needs to get some bakery or food for her nana who is really sick. So she grabs her red coat and she’s on her way to the bakery.  

Image result for little red riding hoodLittle red riding hood is on her way to get some bakery. She gets a sandwich for her ill nana. On her way little red riding hood took a wrong turn on the streets and GETS LOST!!! Little red riding hood is freaking out, she looks around and she thinks to herself ‘oh no i’m going to be in big trouble from mum because I can’t go to nanas and give her sandwich to her’. Little red riding hood keeps on walking ford and she sees a park, because she is lost and starving she starts eating her nana's sandwich.   

Image result for little red riding hood housewell Little red riding hood is munching away at her nana's sandwich she looks up and sees that her nana's house is right in front of her and she realizes that she ate her nana's sandwich.”oh no I have eat my nana’s sandwich my mum is going to be really angry at me” little red riding hood says. She knocks on her nana’s front door (knock knock) “come in” says her nana. Little red riding hood walks into her front door and sees that her nana is perfectly fine, her mum was lying to her and so little red riding hood just goes with the flow. “Oh hi nana” “hi little red riding hood” “Are you sick nana” little red riding hood says, “no why” said her nana, “no reason I just came to say hello”. When little red riding hood left her nana’s house she says to her self ‘mum thanks a lot'.     

Thank you google images for the photos:)


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