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Work hard

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Tiger

The tiger is known as one of the deadliest predator in South Africa. They hunt nearly all the time for zebras, buffalos and many more prey. The tigers favorite hunting spot is in the grass, which is long and is nearly yellow.

The tiger likes to hide there when it comes to hunting time because the long straw grass makes the tiger camouflage so the other animals don’t see it. When a zebra comes out to eat (I think tigers hunt zebras a lot more) it pounces in the air, sticks out it’s claws and stabs it in time before the zebra escapes.

If it DOES escape though, the tiger will not go back to hunt another animal elsewhere, it will chase after the zebra, no matter how far it goes or runs.

So, as the years go on, the tiger will always go to the same spot when it’s hunting time and pounce on it’s prey. Or if they can’t, then they will chase it.
Tigers then have babies and teach them how to hunt prey and it will keep going, for that, It’s the circle of life…

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