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Work hard

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wonderful world in Wattle Downs!

By Hannah Smith!

Don’t you want to have a nice community. With lovely people around the neighborhood, kids playing in the parks and elderly couples walking their spoilt little lapdogs. I believe that Wattle Downs is the most awesome place to live because: It is a lovely environment, it has an amazing school, and close to shops.

Image result for nice peopleAlthough there are other nice people in other communities Wattle Downs is the best, just imagine going for nice, relaxing and fun walks with your family along the waterfront watching the sunset. Going to the park and having a picnic making memories. And the best thing having fish and chips on the beach.

Image result for reremoana school

In Wattle Downs there is an amazing school it is called Reremoana (I go there). There are nice and welcoming kids and teachers. In Wattle Downs there is one hall, two fields, 18 classrooms and three play grounds. The principal named Miss Harland and the deputy principals is Ms Fothergill and Mrs Cantly.

Image result for ( westfield)If you live in Wattle Downs it is close to Manukau (Westfield), it only takes 12 minutes to get there. So if you want to go to the mall to get a new T-shirt or get your nails done before your kids get home from school well you can. If you are some of those parents who leaves everything at the last moment, it only takes about 5-10 minutes just to go to the supermarket from Wattle Downs.

So I believe that you should come and live in Wattle Downs, and just think of my reasons:
1. A lovely environment
  1. 2. An amazing school
And 3. And close to the shops.
So I hope that I have persuaded you to come and live i  Wattle Downs NOW!!! 

Thank you google for the Images!!!


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