Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The gem of Wattle Down

The gem of Wattle Downs

In Wattles Down there is lot’s of opportunities for little kids and older kids. If you have just moved into Wattles Down then there is lot’s of space, there is a really good school called Reremoana school. The area of Wattles Downs is extremely safe because there hasn’t been that much crime in along time.

In Wattle Downs it’s extremely safe for any age from 0 to 100. In wattles Down there hasn’t been any crime for a long time because there is good people that in Wattles Down. If you are new to Wattles Down and you go to a park or a beach then I guarantee you that someone will go up to you and say hi or how are you.

If you came to live in Wattles Down then I guarantee you will get a nice looking house with a lot of space. In Wattles Down there is a lot of space for indoor activities and outdoor activities for any ages. In Wattles Downs they are trying to build extremely good looking houses for all of the people.

In Wattle Downs there is a lovely school called Reremoana. In Reremoana school there is over 400 hundred people that go to the school and if you go to Reremoana school then you will get a great education. But only if you work hard. If you went to Reremoana school then you will be extremely safe because all the gates are all
locked between 9.10 and 2.45 and it’s in a clean environment for all of the children.
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After all of this facts I given you don’t you want to live in Wattle Down. It doesn’t rain that much, there is good views and the besting thing of all is that if you live in Wattle Down there is a great school what will give you a good education only if you work hard. So come on guys live in the Wattle Down.

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