Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


S.W.S club

Image result for bestAre you stuck at home, because your parents don’t trust you going outside. While here’s my solution for that.  The S.W.S Club  ( songwriting/singer club) is here to save you. The S.W.S club is really cool because you can create music by writing lyrics down or by making beats and making up the words as you go. Music is imported because without music the world would be so grey and dull.

Image result for sharing ideas with othersClubs can help you connect with other people especially mine . Because you can help each other and hear other people’s opinion, and feedback. It’s good to share ideas to other people too because it helps innumerable of people using that idea to a song or more lyrics in the S.W.S club. If you come in my club,  by the end of this year you’r be a professional songwriter or singer. More people you connect with the more fun it is. By the time the first day ends at S.W.S you'll have lots of friends.
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Numerous of people became more confident after joining clubs because they become comfortable around other people. Singing in front of citizens can be easier each time you do, even if you can’t sing. This is a really good way to boost that confidence in you. Countless of citizens lack the confidence, but the S.W.S club will help you with self confidence. Many clubs don’t really do it enthusiastically but I promise that mine will make you feel like home. IN A GOOD WAY.

Image result for funThese so many fun things we can do, with songwriting or singing, Eg: Creating music , adding Lyrics  and trying to sing to it. The S.W.S club can  make anything fun for humankind.You can learn from it to, from other students and listening to each individual in the S.W.S club. Learning can help each person to better on the project way better. Remember the S.W.S club can improve your ability towards songwriting and singing.    

Eventually, I believe that my club will help you with confidence, and connecting with other students around you. Having fun and being happier than ever. Plus learning new things, doing cool things we can do with songwriting/singing. And now join in the S.W.S club now you won’t regret it.

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