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Work hard

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Join Alfistion hockey club now!

Don’t you want to have fun on a friday nights playing a friendly game of hockey more than just sitting around at home. Well I believe you should and here are my reasons why you should join Alfriston hockey club.
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For hockey you need to buy a hockey stick a mouth guard, shin pads and long socks that is only for the players and there is a goalkeeper they need to buy big pad so when the players hit the ball in the goal she or he doesn’t get hit badly. When you play hockey you can use some things in the game it is tackles and tricking the player they are going to pass this way but you go the other way. In hockey I play full field and the year 11’s and under have to play on half fields and the 12 years olds play on a full field.

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When you play for Alfriston hockey you have to pay a fee like every other club, I believe that Alfriston hockey club is way more less expensive than other clubs there are. Here are some teams that play on Friday nights Pukekohe united and  Pukekohe Indians (that’s only some of them). In Alfriston hockey everyone has a freer play on the turf. When you play hockey there is half time and the full time is 25 minutes  a half so the full time would be 50 minutes.

If you aren’t that type of person that doesn’t like to get muddy when you are playing other sports well this is the sport for you. Alfriston hockey club is helpful because they play on a Friday night at Pukekohe Hockey  and they play on a water turf so you only get wet not muddy. In Alfriston hockey club there is basically only people that go to Reremoana school because Mr Munro that is coaching the team (our team is called rema).  

So there are my 3 reasons why you should come and play for Alfriston hockey NOW! And just remember that you can have fun on a Friday night than just sitting around at home!

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