Work hard

Work hard

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why we should use Chromebooks at school:

Chromebooks. Chromebooks. Chromebooks. That’s basically all our school uses during class time, but they sure do cost a lot of money. Because it costs an arm and a leg, you might want to change your mind about buying one! I’m going to give away some of my reasons why Chromebooks should be used at school.

Reason #1: Chromebooks have more learning abilities: School Chromebook accounts have many learning abilities for children to increase their wisdom with some of these websites:
- Mathletics, a place where you can learn maths that you are struggling with at school.
- Quizlet, something you can create sets on to help you with something you’re not good at in school.
- Prototec, a website that helps you with maths.
- Typing, something that helps you type without having to look at the keyboard.

Reason #2: It’s less work: Instead of having to work hard by writing, you can just type. It’s easier and less sore! Plus most of the time the ink in the pen runs out, which means more money.

Reason #3: It’s easier for teachers to mark work on: Teachers can mark work on google docs or google slides with just a click of a button. And it’s easier for the teacher to see what the student is doing, He/she can just look over the person’s shoulder, or, ask to look through their history.
Reason #4: It’s easier than having to carry books everywhere: Instead of having to carry more than one book everywhere, you can just carry ONE! It has everything that you need, websites to work on and things that you can research one.

These were my reasons to why we should use Chromebooks at school. I hope this informed you that Chromebooks are really good for school.

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