Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why we should have public courts.

Why the Wattle Downs should have public courts.

At Reremoana school there has been so many children that have signed up to basketball, this term there has been over 70 children  who’s played basketball, but he thing is after the school when they want to train or even just shot some hoops they can’t. In wattles down I want to get so public basketball courts.

At Reremoana school there are so many children wanting to play basketball, but a lot of them can’t make the training and after school ends they can’t train any where. At Reremoana school there are lunch times at 1.00 o'clock I see heap of children playing at the courts with their basketball or just playing a mini game of basketball, and I bet if you go to a kid who plays basketball then they would say can we please have some public courts.

In Wattles Down there is so much space but there isn't any training areas for the kids to train. About 200 meters in front of Reremoana school there is a big patch of grass where we could put some courts.

If we went through we this idea then the way we could fundraiser it is by when the children pay for the fie for basketball take a little bit of money off, so it could go towards the courts. Another way we could do the fundraiser is by doing a sausage sizzle for the whole school to eat. Another way we could do that is by doing a mufti day.

So don’t all of you want to get a nice brand new courts so team up with me and we can do this just with a little bit of money WE CAN DO THIS

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