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Work hard

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why we should have a public courts in  Wattle Downs!

Don’t you want to have fun outside having fun, shooting hoops and anything you can think of well I believe that we should have public courts in Wattle Downs! And here are reasons why we should have it here.  

However we have a park but we need courts because people just get bored at the park sitting around, kids need to have fun by having the courts this includes netball, basketball, tennis and much much more sports to play. When I bike past the park no one is there because it gets boring for a lot of people. Do have a parents that say “go outside, go get some fresh air” well I do and that's where you can go when they say that to you.

An a important thing is that kids need fitness yes that is why we should have the courts in Wattle downs so they can get out and get fit on the courts also the kids that will play there they will think that “I want to play this sport” so they go and sign up and play that sport and get fitter and fitter. Kids usually go and play at the school in the weekends when they aren't supposed to because there is no courts to play on and they have to buy a hoop or use chalk on the ground because there is no courts in Wattle Downs!
Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 9.21.31 AM.pngIf we had courts in Wattle Downs your parents would feel safe because Wattle Downs is a really nice environment to just go play with your friends.

Money, I believe that it wouldn't wast the money that we spend on this because all the kids that just sit around at home watching movies, playing video games and just watching tv, well i want to make a difference to that in Wattle Downs. Instead of kids just sitting around at home they can be having a lot more fun outside and getting fitter because if you are just at home watching tv and movies all day how are you going to get fit ?!   

So there are my reasons why I believe that we should have courts in a open space in Wattle Downs, and just remember it’s not the waste of money and kids will always stay fit if we have the courts in Wattle Downs!!!

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