Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why we should have public courts in wattle downs

There are a lot of sporty kids around wattle downs so that's why we should get some public courts. If you wanted to play some basketball there are no public hoops in wattle downs, so that means you would have to buy one or go to a friends house who has one and play basketball with them. Public courts can be used for many sports like basketball,netball,hockey,volleyball and tennis. There is a lot of area to put public courts in wattle downs. Just around the corner of manene st there is a big field of grass where you can put a big public court.
Look at how much space there is when we could have put a BIG court there. There are so many areas around wattle down that we can put courts in. I believe if we had a public courts in wattle downs the children would be so much happier. by doing this we could fundraise for or we could. Wouldn't it be amazing to have  a big public.everyone would be playing sports in their everyday .So come on guys would you come and help fundraise for a court. I know I would.

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