Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why Wattle downs should have a public court

I believe that wattle downs should have a public court for many reasons.

Public courts can be used for many things Hockey,Netball,Basketball
Handball and Tennis I know that in wattle downs there are many sporty people that play those sports and they have to drive to Papakura or Karaker  
When we could have one in wattle downs we could have volunteers to take the Basketball, Netball,Tennis and the other sports it can also be a place to practise your sport.

This is a great place to put the public court because this just sits there nothing gets done with this area. There is one problem but together we can fix that I mean the community our school to get the  money to build the wattle downs public court. By doing our part we can have mufti days,cake sales,hot dog days,parents can make donations and kids in the school can come up with other ideas like I said this can be a school and Community product. This public court can come in handy

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