Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Dream Giver

As the dream giver gave the boy his final dream, he flies off, leaving his other dreams behind. The boy wriggles around trying to get comfortable. And then, all of a sudden, one dream egg he kicked off his bed, fell to the ground with a single ‘CRACK’. The dream giver turns around, thinking what the noise was?
Then something bad happened, it was a book about dragons and he accidently kicked it off his bed and the egg fell into the final chapter. One dragon flew up in the air and killed all the happy dreams with burning fire. Now he was having a nightmare as he sweated away. The dream giver knew he was going to wake up with a terrific scream. The dream giver had no choice but to make another dream, a powerful one…..
He then quickly cracked another egg and set it over the boy’s forehead. All of a sudden, the boy was a knight, standing in royal armor with a glowing sword and shield which they were powerful!
The battle went on and on and it never did end. Until the knight lifted his sword and stuck it into the sharp scale armor. The boy woke up, looked around and he knew right away, that it was all a dream, then went back to sleep. The dream giver was flying away, looking at his book wondering where the next house he was going to was…..

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