Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 19 May 2016

year 7 and 8 space needs to be bigger!!!

⅞ space needs to be 


Image result for shelters for schools

Why we should change the 7 and 8 eating and learning area here are my 3 reasons why we should change it. 

My first reason is it gets muddy and people always slip over when they are eating. And people always slip over when they are just walking past.(it’s from the rain).

My second reason is at wet lunch times we can sit in our 7 and 8 spot but only if it is covered and not muddy, slippery and dangerous.Image result for shelters for schoolsAnd my third reason is it’s the waste of space and no one goes there at wet lunch times and basically no one uses it at any lunch and morning tea times. 

So there are my 3 reasons why we need a year 7 and 8 learning, lunch and morning tea spot outside room 7 and 8. 

Thank you google images for the photos!!!

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  1. I like your reasons why and you are right that area is a wast of space