Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Public Courts At Wattle Downs

Public Courts
Public courts is what we need around Wattle Downs and Manurewa. Public courts have been played with many sports at Reremoana school. That's why I believe that Public should be planted around Wattle downs.

Innumerable of courts are use for sports and running/fitness, and some people use them as mini concerts. But Wattle Downs is lacking the public courts for other citizenry that wants to get out there and have fun. Don’t forget about your relatives because hanging around playing games or them performing to you or you are performing to them, because It might make you closer to them ,and  happier and less stressful. The sports are mainly played by family members or friends on the public courts EG: Volleyball,  Hockey ,  Cricket ,  Soccer,  and many more.

The community  would love it if there were more courts around and near homes and other places with more republic.People could be fitter and connect with people so as family members. It’s better than lugging around at home doing nothing. Socialize with with people will be easier.

Many people won’t get bored because the only courts they use are the ones at school. So if they build more around Wattle Downs it would be fun and less boring, so kids and grown ups have something to do. The courts can be useful in so many way. Like hanging with friends and play sport.       

And that's why we should have courts around Wattle Downs, Because It’s less boring, and you can hang with family and friends. You can connect with other people while playing sport. Better than being unfit. SO that's why we should have public courts near Wattle Downs  

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