Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 19 May 2016


As the fairy man flies into the old broken down room, he checks his book to make sure it’s the right place. He flies up to the first bed, and breaks open the egg and let’s the liquid flow into the little girls slipper. He moves onto the next bed and the next until only a few eggs are left. But, when he turns around, getting ready to make another little kid's dream come true, an egg falls to the ground and lands on a book.
This is the first time this has happened in the whole history of dream giving. The fairy jumps up in surprise, not knowing what is going to happen. Making sure what the book was about, he didn’t realize the rising monster forming behind him. He gathered his belongings and was about to leave when he noticed a kid shuffling about in bed. He looked in the corner of the room, where a sea serpent was sitting, gobbling up whatever was near.

‘This is going to cause a nightmare.’ Sighed the ugly dream giver. He knew this is a big situation that he needs to fix, or else his powers will be taken away, forever. He looked around the room, in search of a book that has a brave knight. When he did he added some magic liquid to it, and instantly it came out of the book, looking for something to slay. The boy, who stopped shuffling in bed and started to punch the air. Finally the serpent disappears.

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