Work hard

Work hard

Monday, 16 May 2016

Dream giver

By : Mikhil
As the cold night swept the windows a mythical creature one of the dream-givers appeared with a glowing bag he crept closer to the bed and stared at the kids. He laid out the dream eggs on the bed few for the boy and a few for the girl. He cracked them one was a ballerina, one was an astronaut. As the dream egg rolled over the it fell upon his book. The dream rider ran towards the book he tried to wipe it off but it was too late the mystical goop filled the book. Then a strange creature appeared with long fangs, scaley body beady eyes. There was the boy hiding from the beast. He ran away as fast as he could. The dream giver saw the book and started reading it. He found out that it was a monstrous book. He looked up when the beast had the boy in its mouth. He quickly tried ripping the book but it was no use his skinny arms weren’t enough. Then he started ripping, page to page, the beast was starting to disappear from its legs but he opened his mouth to take a bite when. To be continue ...

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  1. It's cool but really to be continued please carry it on