Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dream Giver

The dream giver was going into the little kids houses and using his magical eggs and giving all of them better dreams. When he would use the eggs a image would pop up saying what they are dreaming about one of the dreams was about a kid being in space.
Image result for magical eggsAnother one of the dreams that the kids were having was a girl dancing around and another one was a kid all grown up playing baseball professionally. Everything was going well untill something happened.
Image result for magical eggsOne of the eggs fell off of the bed and it smashed all over one of their horror books and it sucked the astronaut into the book. When he was in there the dream giver started turning the pages and saw he was moving around. The little boy walked over to a little object and knocked it over and then two massive eyes appeared in the cave he turned his head and started to run away.
Image result for magical eggsThe dream giver went into the book and started to throw magical eggs at the dinosaur and it grew a tree over it and it could not move and then the dream giver and the boy went out of the book and that same boy woke up straight after.

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