Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dream Giver

It was a cold dark night I was on my way to Kensington Avenue number 2655,The orphanage. The special eggs that I made magical eggs were for children the eggs grant dreams. I was just about to leave until I heard one egg drop. I remembered seeing a dark horrific book on the floor.

But I thought it nothing would’ve gone wrong. Until the children started kicking and shaking then I saw it a dark creature looking straight into my eyes. After that I could see the book blending into the darkness trying to hide itself from me. The only way to fix the dreams was to destroy the dark book. But it wasn’t so easy, the creature was not only in people’s dream, but also their.

And that was including me. It was hard at first but I had to think positive like that youtube video I watched about pink unicorns on rainbows. So then I thought about it if, i think about unicorns I could get the book and put it in my bag of positive things. I kept on whispering pink fluffy unicorns dancing rainbows while I walk across to get the book… And it worked I grabbed the book and put it in my bag. And just as the kids woke up I disappeared into the night, Yet I can’t stop thinking about unicorns.

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  1. Not how u spell their it's there