Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dream giver

My name is the dream giver aka bob , i am max's dream giver well i was i always tried my hardest to give max good dreams! I had magic eggs that would give max dreams i would run them over his favourite books so that he can dream about them they have always been great stories until one night it all went down hill! I was giving max a fabulous dream, as i was working with it i left one of my eggs on max’s bed and then all of a sudden max moved his little legs and BOOM!! The egg dropped on one of the scariest monstrous horrible books ever i didn't have enough time to stop it , it dropped on the books and all of the scary horrible creatures went into his dream max was crying in his sleep he was screaming whimpering sobbing he is only four and not even a grown adult could handle how scary it was! The worst thing is is that once a bad dream goes into a little boys mind it will NEVER come out! And max if you ever read this I am so sorry!!

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