Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 12 May 2016


I believe that Chromebooks should be used in schools there's are my three reason ways. 1. These lots of educational websites to go on. 2. Easy to check work for teachers . 3. Way easier than carrying books.

Firstly I believe that the educational web site can enhance children's learning in class and at home. Because children happen to leave their books at school so teachers can mark it.

Also the teacher’s don’t need to always check over the student's shoulder they can just check on the laptop in front of them. It’s easier and faster to use plus if anyone is off task you can see with a click of a button

Thirdly, It’s easier to carry around. Because who wants to carry hundred books at a time. Books can get wreck over time and the letters fade. But chromebooks can last a lifetime if you look after it.

Lastly, Chromebooks should be use at school because they have educational sites and teachers can keep an eye on the students by clicking one button. It’s easier to carry around, Because these books can turn into one side or docs with the same information. Chromebooks should be allowed at every single school in new zealand.     

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