Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Board of trustes

Board of trustees

If we had a roof for the senior block there could be so much more opportunity, we could have more learning space for our activities also if it is raining then that area is really unsafe because the grounds will be really wet and you could slip over and seriously hurt.

If we got a roof than it will make the area a lot more safer, because when it rains the footpath can get really slippery and you can slip over and seriously hurt yourself. Plus if we had a roof then if it was raining the area could still be used for lots of things and last but not least, when it rains the grass in the area gets flooded and can’t grow for a long time.

If we had a roof for the senior block then we could have so many for opportunities firstly we could be a lot more learning space, and that means that in the class there would be a lot more space to do our work. Secondly now that we have the go pros we could some Fleming in the area because it would have a roof on it.  

If the senior block had a roof then we could be able to a lot more activities. And if it was raining we could still be able to go outside and play around with friends or with a ball. Also if we had a roof then when we do photography for technology then we could use that area to get shots of pictures.

So after listening to my points then do you want to get a roof for the senior block well I think we should so why don’t we go to the board of trustees and tell them ‘we need a roof for the senior block!’    

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  1. I like your writing Because it had a lot of paragraphs and it tells me what you want to happen. good Job