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Work hard

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What is a good friend!

What is a good 
What is a good friend? Well I am going to tell you what a good friend is in just 2 paragraphs!

Image result for friendship  A good friend is really helpful because if you're upset they can help you and cheer you up so you can keep on going.  
Image result for best friendsA good friend can be good for your learning because if they are in different cultures they can teach you their culture they are in. A good friend can help teach you something when you want to learn something they can do (like a front flip or a back flip on the trampoline).

If you have a good friend or a best friend you can be honest with them and tell them all your secrets because you trust them to keep your secret more than other people you know.

And sometimes it’s just really nice to have and best friend or a good friend your side.
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  1. F.F I like your explaning
    F.B you need to work on your sentences

  2. what do you mean sentences