Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What happens to ungrateful kids by Josh

Once upon a time there was a fat boy called Jack.He was an ungrateful little rascal He hated things like cabbage,sandwiches. You get the point he hated Healthy stuff.Guess what the greedy little pig even hates more than healthy food... his mum and dad. He hated mostly everything except candy.🍬🍬🍬 One day he was looking out of his gigantic sized house.Suddenly he saw candy lying on the ground outside in the woods.He didn't live in the city he lived in the country..The fat greedy pig went down stairs and shouted at his mum ‘Move you ugly beast’.His Mum quickly moved, Jack ran out the door and ran to the candy.Jack was just about to pick it up until the candy disappeared. Jack decided to go look for it in the dark lonely woods.He walked and walked until he saw A place, A big open space MADE OF CANDY. He was so happy he ran to the open area he ate and ate until he saw a person.The person had a mask. Jack just thought he was candy so he ran up to the figure.When he got close enough, the figure grabbed jack and took him somewhere unknown Jack never came back.The mum and dad didn't even notice he was gone, So beware don’t be an ungrateful kid like the little pig Jack.

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