Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Torture Chamber

Three minutes had gone by, I was still stuck inside the torture chamber, afraid. ‘Would Mum and Dad be looking for me’ I wondered as I lay there on the dusty stairs but sooner or later I got right back up and banged on the door once more and shouted ‘HELLO!!! ANYBODY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!’ Still no answer. ‘Right’ I thought ‘looks like I’m on my own’ and soon, I headed down the stairs to look for a way out. I had to be brave, that’s what Mum and Dad would've wanted! Once I got to the bottom, I searched once again around the room but this time, for a way out. ‘No exit signs’ I said to myself quietly. I sighed and leaned against the wall to rest ‘ I should have never gone down here.’ I started to cry!
Suddenly the wall I was leaning on, opened a little bit. That made me freak out as I jumped and hid behind a table. ‘Would it hurt to go down’  I wondered? So, like an idiot but still brave, I got out my phone, switched it to light mode and opened the door, then headed down the stairs into the deep dark cellar. I kept heading down and found a light switch when I got to the bottom. When they turned on, I SAW TREASURE!!!!! ‘Holy moly’ I yelled. I put my hands in it and picked up some of the coins.
‘This is actually real treasure!’ I picked it all up and stuffed it in my bag and came up the stairs with it. Some dropped onto the floor, but the rest was in my hands. Then the day just got better!!!!! A security guard heard some noises and came down to investigate. When he saw me, he said ‘What on god’s earth are you doing down here little girl?’ ‘Your company locked me down here’ I answered back.

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