Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Monkey Sympathy

Poor chimp, Oscar, never liked being the worst. When he was a kid, he always likes playing the piano with his brother, Jack. But his Mother was a horror, pushing Oscar around saying that his brother is better than him. Now, he works being a janitor. But at the stage while sweeping, he heard his brother playing the piano but messing up as well. With his Mother so angry, she left the stage, leaving Jack alone, feeling miserable and disappointed. Oscar then started playing the piano as well. And the other janitor Oscar was sweeping with, drew the curtains. Oscar made Jack happy as he left the piano he was playing, to go to Oscar’s piano and together, they started to play like they were still kids. Once the beautiful sounds were quite, Jack looked at his brother and made a smile. Oscar smiled back as well! The night of the piano playing begun, as all the monkeys with all their money paid and were giving their tickets, went inside and sat in their seats, waiting patiently for the big performance. Oscar was getting Jack ready for the big show, but then Jack said to him ‘Come and play with me.’ With Oscar surprised he asked why and this was Jack’s answer ‘Because I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life doing nothing but sweeping, you have to live you life to do amazing things, Oscar, showing the world what you can do is more important than what they see you are doing, please Oscar, come and play the piano with me and make Mother proud and also be rich like me.’ Oscar had a long thought about it. Then he finally replied ‘alright, I’ll do it for you and Mother!’ As they entered the stage, their Mother sat there waiting for some good music. Oscar looked nervously around and when he saw his Mother he said quietly to himself in a scared voice ‘here we go.’ He sat down next to Jack and then started to play. They played really fast and the Mother was starting to listen to the tremendous sound of music. The crowd sat up straight and listened to the lovely sound of the playing. When they were finished after playing for 45 minutes, the crowd cheered and their Mother had tears coming from her eyes, then Oscar and Jack took a bow and went off the stage. The Mother came to visit them afterwards and looked at Oscar. She gave him a kiss and apologized for treating him badly all his life and Oscar forgave her. Soon after that, Oscar was rich and playing the piano with his brother by his side.

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