Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I Am DeRp

Hello I am the Mr derp and I am a derp. I like being the derp because the derp is fun and potatoes are great to. I am random like space, I grew up on a rubbish dump and was the ruler of the trash until the pen took over…. badum ts. In my spare time I like to throw spears. When I play h box people call me the troll but I am the derp so they are wrong like the cow that jumped over the moon. The pizza man also gets it wrong when I ask for mushroom and tomato pizza he gives me cheese pizza derps never get what they want. Like I wanted to be president but they said I they might be true but still doesn't mean I could become president. What is wrong with humanity today. In my dad's days dinosaurs ate dinosaurs I mean they got to do what they want they didn’t even have a toilet. But sometimes you gotta say I need to go toilet.. As the great Derp said be yourself and no one can change that you are a derp...

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