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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How a tsunami occurs

What is an tsunami? Well it is a massive wave that comes to the land that can cause massive amounts of damage. If you think an tsunami is coming then you will see the water going out to sea.

When a tsunami is formed it is caused by a big earthquake under the water then it pushes a massive wave out of the water and will properly destroy anything in it’s way. If a tsunami is formed by an earthquake then if it hits the land it will put the land under a good 9 to 18 meters of water, and will take over 9 months for it to go back to the way it was.

If a tsunami is coming and it hits you, you probably won’t kill you but if the tsunami hits the land then hits you they you will be kill instantly because the massive wave carries cars,metal,bit’s of house and wood. And that is what will kill you. If a tsunami is coming the way to be save from it is to try and get to high ground of go up to an really high building because if you don’t there will be a very big chance you will be injured or even kill.

If a tsunami is coming it is normally going to be over 30 meters high and the world record for the highest tsunami is 525 meters high. If there is a tsunami it depends on how big the earthquake is, then you can see how weight it could've been. Every year there have been over 7 916 people kill every year from tsunamis, now that’s a lot of people.

Now you know the dangers to an tsunami then you can know when a tsunami is coming, and you know what to do if an tsunami is coming.


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