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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to play underwater hockey:)
Underwater Hockey is a sport that you play in a pool and swim to try and hit the puck, there are two teams of up to ten players in each team but only six players are in the water at once. The four leftover players are allowed to warm up on the substitution which is on the deck outside of the pool.

Equipment is one of the most important things in underwater hockey you need to use a snorkel so that you can breath under the water while you are playing , fins help you to swim faster under the water to get the puck or try score, stick is usually black or white depending what team the player is in the stick can only be held in one hand the stick has to fit in a box of 100 X 50 X 350mm ,puck the puck is approximately the size of a ice hockey puck , hat which is usually a water polo cap, gloves The glove has to be worn on the playing hand to protect it from the bottom of the pool  and 2 goals the goals need to be on a slope so that the player can just flick or push it in the goal so that they can score .   

The rules of Underwater hockey’s are fairly simple basically it is a Non contact sport, A player can not interfere with another players free hand so that means the hand that the player is not using, there is no offside rule however their is no shepherding and obstruction  The puck must not be be rested on the glove or be carried on top of the bat or stopped deliberately by anything besides the bat/stick.       

Teams in the game of underwater hockey are usually in colors of the sticks if you have a black stick your in team black if you have a white stick you in the white team. In underwater hockey you need 10 players on a team but there are only six players that play at once the other four players need to sub during the game.while you are waiting to play the game you have to sit,stand or warm up for when it's time to go on.

The british invented underwater in the 1950’s to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability so that they could move and work more efficiently under water. The game went to Australia shortly after and has involved into a fast, dynamic sport and is now played in more than 20 countries. Underwater Hockey is played in a 25m x 15 m pool and is between 2 and 4 metres deep. The game consists with 15 minute halves and 3 minutes at half time. Each team is allowed a 60 second pull out in each half for a team talk. The game only stops in the last two minutes for interferences.

Underwater is a great game and you can learn lots and improve swimming as well. You can make new friends and have lots of fun.           

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