Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How Bees make honey

Honey is a food that bees make. Although it’s not their main food they still eat in the winter. Bees are creatures that make the honey. Bees are small and interesting creatures, most people are either allergic or scared of them. The nectar also has substances that helps make the honey. When they suck the nectar up with there tongues the nectar goes into their honey stomach which makes it nice and watery. Once it’s full they go back to their hive from there, they use their mouths to pass it on to the worker bees with their tongues they chew the honey🍯 for about half an hour so it gets sticky. Every worker bee chews the pollen. Once that's done they put the the chewed up honey into honey comb cells it won’t be dry yet so they use their wings to fan it, once it’s dried they use a wax lid to keep it nice and sticky. Sadly it takes 8 bees a lifetime to make 1 teaspoon of honey fortunately for us they make more than they need so we could have some too. Bee's are super smart when they go out to collect pollen they could recognize human faces. Thy are also the only insect that can make eatable food for humans.

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