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Work hard

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How bees make honey

Bees are extraordinary insects, it doesn't say when the first bees where ever discovered but I'm thinking that they were here when the dinosaurs were here. Bees are one of the most interesting insects the things they can make. They can make awesome things without using materials to help.

 Honey bees, these are the bees that make the honey but what are they? They are one of the most extraordinary insects to live. They usually come in yellow to dark brown. They are an insect about 12.5 mm with a hairy little body. Honey bees are the bees that feed on the flowers and collect the nectar.

Bees make honey to get them through hard times especially winter. Worker bees set out to gather nectar from all the flowers around and turn it into honey to keep their whole colony alive. But how do bees make honey?
Worker bees these are the bees that do all the collecting
The honey bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar, they store this in there honey stomach which they can do for hours. When they have collected enough they fly back to the main hive and start the main process on how to make the honey.

Honey is a sweet gooey liquid that is made from honey bees. They collect nectar from flowers to make the honey. Also other insects collect nectar to make other stuff.

Well nectar contains 80% water that is along with complex sugars. It's normal the way nectar would ferment. The bees take the nectar then turn it into honey. How they do this? When the bees fly back to the hive they will pass the nectar from mouth to mouth the other bees chew it in there mouth for 30 minutes. They wait untill it turns into honey. Once it turns into honey the store it in the honey comb cells then the will flap there wings on the honey to make it more sticky.

Well writing this I learnt how to make honey And also hop my reader learnt something aswell.

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