Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Bees Make Honey

Honey is a sweet sticky yellow liquid that is made by bees and they collect the nectar from different flowers. There are different kinds of bees such as the queen bee and the smaller worker bees. 

Nectar is a sugary fluid secreted within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animals, collected by bees to make into honey.

Bees collect nectar by flying over to a flower which has nectar on it and they start to suck all of the nectar out of the flower and if you are wondering where all of this goes, it goes straight into there honey stomach when they have enough nectar in their stomach they go back to the hive and give it to the other bees and they make it into honey.

A honeybee starts the honey making progress by going to a flower and gathering some of it’s nectar. When it is done doing that it goes back to its hive so that it can give all of its nectar to the smaller bees so that they can start making all of the honey.

During chillier seasons, worker bees can live for nine months.But in the summer, they rarely last longer than six weeks they literally work themselves to death. And if you think about that for a while bees work longer then a normal human being.

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