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Work hard

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tree Adventures

Tree Adventures
Have you ever wondered if there is a world waiting to be discovered? Perhaps waiting for you. As it may be too far for a person to get there. But trust me there is a place and it is possible to get there. For I,Grace Taylor, have been there.

It was a normal day, just as any other. But there were some surprises coming my way. As I was saying, it was a normal ordinary day. The day was dark and it was only drizzling, as it has been the whole summer.
But something felt wrong, abnormal infact. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then the strangest thing happened, a pigeon flew up to my window and dropped a bizarre envelope onto the desk I was working on. The bird stared at me, until I finally picked up the envelope and read it out loud:
Αν διαβάζετε αυτό θα πρέπει να του έχει επιλεγεί από τη Μεγάλη Goblin βασιλιά , Alastair . Θα πρέπει να βοηθήσει να υπερασπιστεί τον κόσμο για σας να δείτε , βεβαιωθείτε ότι δεν είναι γύρω σας , και να πω « Δέντρο Φρούριο » . Να εκπλαγείτε και να μην αφήσουμε αυτή την επιστολή από τα μάτια σας, γι 'αυτό είναι πολύ σημαντικό.
‘If you are reading this you must of been chosen by the Great Goblin King, Alistair. You must help defend the world you're about to see, make sure no one is around you, and say 'Tree Fortress'. Be amazed and don't let this letter out of your sight for it is very important.
Before I could finish the letter, I was already being transported into a so called ‘Tree Fortress’. How could I have read Greek for I had never learned it before. Though, now that I think about it, my Dad never really told me about any of my mysterious talents that come out of nowhere.

Then just before I thought it was only just a dream, I awoke to find 15 little dwarfs peering at me, then a voice spoke: “Boys leave her at peace, she just woke up from her long trip.” At first I thought it was my Dad, but when I looked at him properly, it was a strange green man with a pointy nose and dark blue eyes. He was very hairy and definitely not my Dad. I wipe my eyes just to make sure it isn’t my imagination playing with me. He pulls out his glasses and a list and starts reading:
‘Grace Taylor-
Reads and speaks Greek, Latin, Romanian and Irish. As well as many more.
Is a fast learner at anything new, and can adjust to things quite quickly.’ Then: “Ahh you’re perfect for the job”, he said with a curious smirk. I didn’t understand what he had meant, and it really scared me, I mean who wouldn’t be?

I soon found out what that was about; humans are discovering this beautiful magical world that I was seeing right in front of me. They think that I’m the chosen one, the one that’s meant to save this palace that is going to be made into a tourist place.

The whole kingdom is relying on me. I can’t mess this up!

To be continued...  

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