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Work hard

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Toture Chamber Part 2......

Jasmine was now scared and didn’t know what to do. She started crying with her heads in her hands and knees up close to her chest. Jasmine’s crying was the only sound in the room and it was very dark. You didn’t need a blindfold to cover your eyes.
“Cccc Rrrr Eeee Aaaa K”!!  There came a sound from down the stairs that made her hairs on her neck go up. Jasmine stopped her sulking and looked up from her hands. Down the stairs she could see a faint light coming from the door. The sound was coming from behind that door. It looked like there was someone down here with her.
Jasmine looked down at the gap where the lights were coming from. Jasmine could see that someone the person’s shadow was passing by the door. Her heart was pounding so hard against her ribs now that she could feel it nearly popping out. It was really loud that you could hear it. She hoped that the person behind that door didn’t hear it.

The shadow stopped right in front of the door and stood there for a moment. Jasmine could see that the door knob was starting to turn and then stopped because that was how far it could go. The door opened slowly and the light flooded into the dark hall way stairs and out popped a head.  
Jasmine’s eyes stung when the light  filled her eyes. She couldn’t see the person striding towards her. Her head got dizzy and her head hit the ground with a loud “THUMP”. She didn’t feel anything. Everything went black.
Her eyes started to open and she was lying on a hard metal bed. Her hands and legs were tied with ropes. She couldn’t get up and was struggling against the rope. She looked around the room and just a metre away was a person covered in black clothes.She couldn’t tell if it was a woman or a man. The person turned around and was holding a chainsaw and a knife. Jasmine screamed, but none could hear her because she was far away somewhere else.
The person lifted up the knife and…..
Somewhere in the hallway of the castle, the guard was still lurking around checking everything. He heard a faint sound of chainsaw behind the torture chamber. The guard went down to look but nothing was heard. He could see the door. In the gap of the door down below was blood coming out filling the floor. He walked down and opened the door.
What he saw was very disturbing. There, lying on a metal bed was a 12 year old girl. Head, leg, and hands all chopped off. Blood dripping down from the metal bed, filling the floor with blood.

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