Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 3 March 2016


‘’It was a gloomy day in the town, people were hiding in their houses probably spending time with their families or spending time alone, but not Elizabeth. She felt like taking a walk around the town. The sun was nowhere to be seen, it was like it was playing hide and seek with her, staying hidden until it wants to be found. It’s around four o’clock and she was heading back to her small house just 3 blocks away until she heard a loud footstep, it gave her shivers up her spine. She swung her small head around seeing if anything was behind her but there was nothing, nothing at all. The loud footsteps came closer and closer, Elizabeth felt the need to know where the noise was coming from. She took slow steps towards the noise, until the footsteps stopped out of nowhere. She felt breathing behind her, she froze still in shock not knowing what it was or who it was. The ‘thing’ walked around her frozen body and stared at her small face, she couldn't detect what it was due to the gloomy weather but that was until lights flickered on and off revealing a old nasty ‘animal’ that lunged at her and the next thing you knew she was laying on the cold concrete footpath lifeless.’’
Everybody clapped and cheered sensibly at my last-minute presentation. I was the last person to share my story, it was time for dismissal. Ring.  I took one tiny step out of the building breathing in the fresh oxygen, it was calming. I started to head home, it was only a few blocks away. It was starting to get cold, shivers crawled up my spine like they were spiders. I grabbed my black cotton jumper and put it on my cold small body. My house isn’t too far away it’s just at the end of the street, and there it was. My old plain brick house, I cautiously walked into my house smelling the boring smell that will never go away. I walked to my comfortable bed, flopping on top of it making a dent where my body is. The day was tiring, I slowly shut my eyes and slowly fell into darkness. I was asleep.

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  1. That's an awesome story Jessica! Love it :)