Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Torture chambers part 2

As i'm pounding at the door screaming for help I hear a noise behind me, I turn around and see the Mary Celeste crew!
I ask them what they're doing here they say the master of chambers made us think our boat was sinking, so we jumped off the boat and the master of the the chambers gassed us and brought us here, we have been here since 2001.
We were doing a concluding slide about you guys and I knew that you thought the boat was sinking, but anyway how are we gonna get out of here, we can't the master of chambers is gonna be here soon and it is going to hurt you!
Oh no I need to get out of here I bang and bang and bang on the door for hours only to realize I have my phone in my pocket! I pull my phone out of my pocket and call my Mum I tell her to get out of the shop and to come and get me.
And as soon as I finish my phone call the master on chambers walked in the room and he had a knife he tried to stab me i'm screaming and screaming and screaming till finally my mum and the guard bashed the door open and got the Mary Celeste crew and I out of the torture chambers and took the master of chambers to jail for 10 years.

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