Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Tamara is a 8 year old girl who loves ballet. She reads a book that tells a story of a prince and a princess who fell in love.Tamara opened up her music box and listen/dance to it.
She dances and dances with her favourite toy,teddy bear.She dances until her mother comes in and sees her dancing.She cries because I think she was happy/proud of her daughter.Her mother called her over and told her (in sign language because she doesn’t understand) that she can dance until the star can’t shine.They danced together and had fun.
Tamara wants to be a ballet dancer when she grows up.She loves fairytale stories.Tamara was her dream to become one of the greatest ballet dancers when she grows up.
Tamara admires any ballet dancers and would always listen and dance with them in the videos that she watches.
That night before Tamara went to sleep,she opened up her curtain/window and saw a bright beautiful star.She made a wish,that she would be the greatest dancer in the world one day.She went off to sleep dreaming happily about ballets.

Tamara went to dancing lessons and all sorts of other ballet things for Tamara.Tamara was improving greatly and one day,her wish came true one day.
She was the greatest dancer from then on and everyone loved her,the little ones especially.She became a true dancer and she loved it,she would never stop dancing and she knew deep down in her hear that ballet would alway be her number one.

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