Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Jacobs writing

Monopoly is a fun game you can have up to 2-6 players.You have some paper it takes 5-10 minis to set up it is fantactic. You.You can play with lots of your.Monopoly is a game that makes your brain make a choice and think of a strange to make the most money and win.

Image result for different monopoly gamesImage result for original monopoly board
Over the years board game people have made different version of monopoly they have vision like monopoly millionaire.There are other ones like the Simpsons version and monopoly electronic banking.The version are like the original but the places you buy might have different  names for places.

The game was made in 1903 that is more than 100 years ago it was made by a company called Hasbro gaming they made a lot of games like pie face,guess who,risk and yahtzee and much more.

But there is one think i want to tell you.You can’t beat the original.Now you know how to set it up you can play with your frinds when ever you want

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