Work hard

Work hard

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jacob writing

All you parents out there you child need a chromebook at Reremoana school.They help us so much they are only used for learning use only for school thing they help us so so much because they have so much learning websites like  mathletics and Prototec It is great for the kids too.

Chromebook's are used for school work only no for none related apps of sites. Our school has a agment for our Chromebook saying  you can not charge you computer at school so if it goes flat it is your fault .  

So now I will tell you where to get them.JB hi five,Harvey Norman, and Noel leeming that is where you can get them.There are expensive but it is worth it and your kid will love you forever.

If your kids are stick with homework you can email your teacher and he can say how to do and he will give you an example.

That why you perants should buy your kids a cromebook

Hear is a phot of a Chromebook


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  1. Jacob, it'll be a good piece of writing, but you forgot to edit it by checking the spelling and punctuate it with full stops or commas. Lelani (P.s) Don't find it offensive. :)