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Work hard

Thursday, 10 March 2016

How underwater hockey is played

Underwater hockey is all about swimming at the bottom of the pool using a weighted puck and trying to get it to the opposing team's goal by moving it across the pool with a pusher/stick.
Underwater hockey has at least ten players on each team, using only 6 on the playing field. There are 10-15 minutes per game and there are two halves.

Before the game starts you have to hold onto the opposing team's wall, then the puck is placed in the middle of the pool. When the buzzer goes off, you hold your breath and dive to the bottom of the pool. When someone gets the puck in the other team’s goal, the swimmers have to go to the surface to get to the wall and start a new point in the game.
When half time hits you have about three minutes to get a break and then switch sides of the pool.

There are many penalties in underwater hockey such as:
* If someone hits something or someone with the pusher other than the puck  
* Stopping the puck with anything other than the stick and stopping the puck with ones body is a penalty.
* If someone hits the puck dangerously and hits the person's head, the person who did it has to sit out for a period of time depending on what the referee says or how bad the injury was.

If you want to play underwater hockey you have to have these things:
* Swim briefs for a male and a one piece for a woman.
* Swimming Mask
* A snorkel
* A pusher (stick)
* Water polo cap                                                                                 
* A glove (wear it on the hand you play with)
* Water Confidence

Underwater hockey is for any shape or size, so if you’re great at swimming for a long period of time in a deep pool, then you should definitely try it out when you get given the chance! Plus it is great to do underwater hockey with friends or even if you want to make some friends.

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