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Thursday, 10 March 2016

How To Play Underwater Hockey..

<<How To Play Underwater Hockey!>>
Underwater hockey is a game played in the deep pools. It’s just like hockey but underwater and has different rules, equipment's and where to play it. Underwater hockey can be difficult underwater because, underwater when you move it’s very slow and hard so it needs lots of strength.

First of all to play underwater hockey, you need to have ten players in each two team.IN the pool there al least need to be six players. The other four people are waiting up in the surface for substitution. In underwater hockey, instead of having genders playing separately it can be a mixed up as  one team.

Underwater hockey needs several  equipment's for you to play. Without these you can hardly play and breath. The equipment's you need are:
:Swimwear    :Mask    :Snorkel    :Fins    :Stick    :Puck    :Hat    :Glove    and    :Goals

The rules of underwater hockey are really simple .It is basically a sport with no contact with other people. You can not use your hands to carry the ball, you only have to use the bat. Underwater hockey has no off side rules and the bat must not be carried around or stopped by anything. You can only stop the puck with the bat/stick.

The British navy invented underwater hockey in the 1950’s to keep their  diver’s fit and to improve their ability moving underwater. The game came to Australia shortly after and has become a fast and popular game. Underwater hockey has been played more than 20 countries. Underwater hockey is played in a 25m times 15m pool that is 2-4m deep.

Underwater is a fun and simple game that keeps you fit. Did you know that the only sports that moves your whole body is underwater hockey etc. You can play underwater with your friends and even join clubs for underwater hockey. Underwater hockey is a game for all ages, shapes and sizes. Underwater hockey hardly has any injuries. Underwater hockey is now a popular game that is played anywhere and everywhere. Just play and enjoy is the important thing, but also try and win.

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