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Work hard

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to play monopoly

How to play Monopoly

Monopoly was made in 1903 nearly 100 years ago.

Monopoly is a great game there is even different type of  monopoly games like,Super hero,cat,coca cola,credit card,original,mario,m and m’s. So there are many fun type’s of monopoly you should try them.

Monopoly is a game played with two to eight player’s other wise it’s just boring.Monopoly is not cheap but it’s worth it. Monopoly has rules inside the boxes so you will know how to play.
But here are some rules on monopoly that I am going to tell you,  You need to roll two dice and you move you charter that many times and see what you land on you can buy the house if its not brought already if the house is bought you have to pay them. There are so many fun things about monopoly.

Now that you know how to play monopoly go out and  buy monopoly and have fun with friends and family.

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